Website Renovations, Redesigns, Responsive redesigns, And additions

Is your bottom line suffering due to an outdated, under maintained, and possibly even neglected web presence? If you're not putting a consistent amount of resources and energy towards developing, expanding, and maintaining your web presence then we can answer that question for you; yes, your bottom line is suffering big time.

Your website is a reflection and extension of your brand, it might possibly even be your whole company! It is quite possibly where customers will have their first interaction and experience with your company, and it better be a good one. You're competing on a global scale and you need to come into the fight acting like it. Regardless of the size of your company your going to be competing with everyone from the big names to the Joe-smoes and there are no longer excuses to keep you from making your website the absolute best it can be.

Our team of highly specialized designers, engineers, and strategists live and breath to create amazing web experiences and highly differentiated and unique brands. Let our team bring out the full potential in your brand and website.


Adding features and new systems to your website

Maybe you already have a solid website and presence and just need some new functionality to improve/add to your users or administrators experience. We can help you with this too! We specialize in building feature specific widgets and add-ons that are unique to your company. We can also help bring in more typically requested systems such as:

  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems (CMS’s)
  • Scheduling Systems
  • Project Management Systems (PMS’s)
  • Billing Systems

Site organization, Analytics, and AB testing

If you already have analytics on your website then you’re doing something right. Are you leveraging the analytics you're collecting though? Could your site be organized more appropriately to help users get to the content they are seeking quickly and easily? If not you're losing customers and fast. If a user can’t find what they came to you looking for in less than 3 seconds then you have already lost them and your competitors are scooping them up. We analyze your analytics to determine how to best structure your menus and we do AB testing to prove to you how much more efficient our new strategies are.


Why you must have responsive design

No matter the device you’re reading this on, it looks great and is easily interpreted. If your on mobile there is no need to pinch to zoom or any horizontal scrollbars. If you website isn’t rendering like this you are losing potential customers before your page is even done loading. This isn’t your grandpa's or even your dads web anymore, this is a whole new ball game and your business needs to built to modern standards and then some to compete in the white-washed noisy web of today’s times.

Just over 60% of web traffic now occurs on mobile and tablets! And no one screen size has more than 20% of the market share. This means that you need to be taking great measures to make sure that your users have a awesome experience on your website regardless of the device they're using to consume it.