RDMS & SQL Databases

Relational Databases and RDMS (Relational Database Management Systems) are WebYoke’s highest area of expertise. Part of our team consists of Information Systems specialists who can work magic with many types of RDMS’s including; MySQL, Cassandra, SQL Enterprise, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Database systems may be more ubiquitous than ever but that doesn’t negate their importance. They literally form the foundation for your business and are a reflection of the companies intentions with their applications. Poorly executed designs can lead to very expensive major overhauls and downtime for your company and application. Thats why we can not stress enough the importance of proper SQL architecture, implementation, and scalability. If you need SQL or RDMS services we have the right team to help you. From the initial requirements gathering, to first prototype to production ready environment, to administration we can lead your team or consulate your team in whatever its need are. This is something you should not take lightly, skimp on, or rush through no matter the pressure from other forces.

Be a leader and a standout in your industry by letting the team at WebYoke help you leverage the power of properly crafted and used database systems.